Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy describes the practices and conditions regarding how your personal information is collected and used by VantageScore Solutions, LLC (“VantageScore”). Your privacy is important to us at VantageScore.

Information Collected. VantageScore does not collect any personally identifiable information about individuals, except when such information is voluntarily submitted by the user. All personally identifiable contact information that you provide will be collected using web-based input forms. Such information may include name and email address upon your registration so that we send you our newsletters / NewsBlasts, respond to your inquiries, conduct user surveys and/or contact you regarding additional educational opportunities. VantageScore may share such contact information with its members and business partners.

As is customary in Internet practice, VantageScore automatically logs certain non-personally identifiable information when you visit our website. This information is used for usage statistics and system administration and includes such items as the IP address of your computer, the type of Internet browser you used and the date and time of your visit. None of the information that is collected in this process is used to personally identify you.

VantageScore may perform research on users’ demographics, interests and behavior based on the information provided to us upon registration, from our server log files and/or from surveys. We do this to understand and better serve our users. This research is compiled and analyzed only on an aggregated basis and may be shared with VantageScore business partners.

Use of Information. All of the information that you provide or that we collect is used for internal purposes or as described in the “Information Collected” section above. From time-to-time, we may contact you using the contact information that you have provided to submit newsletters/NewsBlasts, to respond to your inquiries, to conduct surveys and/or to contact you regarding additional educational opportunities. When contacting you and/or in operating our website or storing our data, we may use a third-party service organization; if so, we will use our best reasonable efforts to ensure that any such vendor has security practices and a privacy policy that matches or exceeds ours.

We may use advertising networks to help present advertisements on our sites. These advertising networks use cookies to help present, better target, and measure the effectiveness of their advertisements, using data gathered over time and across their networks to determine the characteristics and preferences of their audience. We may share certain aggregate and non-personally-identifiable information about our users in order to help them deliver more relevant advertisements through their ad networks. The Bizographic Targeting Network (Bizo) is one such network in which we participate.

If VantageScore is ordered by a court to hand over personal information, we will comply with the court order. However, we will not supply any information that is not specifically requested by the court.

User Surveys. From time-to-time, VantageScore may conduct user surveys. Participation in these surveys is optional. Information provided to VantageScore, including personally identifiable information (if applicable), will be used as described in this Privacy Policy and/or in the materials accompanying such survey.

Opt Out Policy. You may opt out of receiving our newsletters / NewsBlasts or other email communications at any time. To opt-out of email communications from VantageScore, simply follow the opt-out instructions at the bottom of the email.

If you wish to ‘opt out’ of the targeted advertising delivered by Bizo, please click to visit the Bizo opt out page. Or, you may opt out of multiple ad targeting cookies, including Bizo, via that National Advertising Initiative opt-out page:

Security Measures. VantageScore has taken a number of measures to ensure that your personal information is protected. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. VantageScore cannot and does not ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us. You agree to assume the risk of loss, misuse, misappropriation, or any other unintended use by any third party of any information you transmit to us over the Internet.

Our website may contain links to other websites that we do not control. When this occurs, we are not responsible for the content of such websites or their privacy policies (or adherence to such policies).

Children’s Privacy. VantageScore’s scoring model and educational offerings are not in any way intended for children. If it comes to our attention that we have collected and stored personal information of a child, then it will be removed immediately.

Policy Changes. VantageScore may occasionally make changes to our Privacy Policy, and reserves the right to do so. Visitors to, and users of, our website are encouraged to check this policy statement periodically to stay informed of our current guidelines.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us by email at [].