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The new subprime definition: Who is subprime now? How much subprime is in your portfolio?

Date: June 27, 2012

The FDIC’s Definition for Assessing Subprime is changing

View this video broadcast to learn how to calculate higher risk consumer loan (subprime) exposure for your bank’s FDIC Deposit Insurance Assessment using the new proposed rule.

The FDIC has proposed a new rule for assessments in large bank pricing (12 C.F.R Part 327). How higher risk consumer loans will be identified and how to determine how much is in your portfolio now. For the first time, hear directly from the FDIC experts who wrote the new definition of subprime. A panel including the FDIC and VantageScore Solutions will discuss the revisions to the subprime definition and the new method for calculating subprime assets. The revised definitions in the proposed rule rely on “probability of default” and eliminate all references to credit score values to calculate subprime exposure, changing the way large banks will calculate their FDIC assessments.

The presentation will cover:

  • The FDIC will provide a full explanation of the new rule and risk level for subprime assets
  • VantageScore Solutions will outline the design and process for creating probability of default maps (PD Maps)

The new rule is proposed to be implemented in October this year! Get ready now and tune in to this live video broadcast!


  • Tyler Davis, Senior Financial Analyst, FDIC
  • Brenda Bruno, Senior Financial Analyst, FDIC
  • Sarah F. Davies, SVP, Analytics, Product Management & Research, VantageScore Solutions, LLC


You can also download the slides from this presentation in PDF format.