Conversion and Implementation Webcast Series

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Implementing a new scoring model, part 2: Simple Business Optimization

Analytics approaches that provide insight into shifting population volumes and default rates.

Other webcasts in this series


Impacts of the 2008 recession across four U.S. geographic regions, and regional effects on auto and bankcard loan originations.


An introduction to the process of evaluating and implementing a new credit-scoring model. This session introduces the first of four suggested score-implementation methodologies -- a relatively fast and simple procedure dubbed "Plug & Play." This method will suffice for many lenders, and can also serve as a first step in more sophisticated score-implementation processes, to be outlined in future videos. Guidance by Sarah Davies, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Analytics and Research, VantageScore Solutions, LLC.


Overview of the impact of the 2008 recession on consumer credit trends and behaviors. Covers changes in credit score distributions and credit usage, and the factors that influence them. Analysis by Nick Rose, Senior Scientist, VantageScore Solutions, LLC.